Kiev City Mayor

Oleksandr Popov 

Popov is one of the most well`known Ukrainian mayors: he wasPopov elected mayor of Komsomolsk in Poltava oblast four times. He was also known for a number of reforms on that local level. On December 16, 2010 Popov replaced Chernovetsky as head of Kiev city administration.

In 2007 Popov was appointed the first minister of public services in the history of Ukraine. In 2007 Yanukovych’s government initiated creation of such office.

Popov is an advocate for reforms in public services. He says it is possible to improve public services only under the auspices of private financing. He initiated no significant reforms during his first cadence, though.

The office of minister for public services was not a “tasty morsel” in that Cabinet, which was one of the reasons for appointment to the office in one of the less`prospective ministries of a person, who was familiar with the problems in that branch and who could be of complete support for Yanukovych.

Viktor Yanukovich has dismissed Mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky, one of the most eccentric politicians in Ukraine, as the head of city’s administration. Chernovetsky will still be mayor, but his powers will be limited.

The move is no surprise, since his successor has been acting head of the capital’s government for quite some time. Aleksandr Popov, who replaces Chernovetsky, was deputy mayor under him, and has controlled the city’s administration since February, when the presidential election took place.As for Chernovetsky, will still be mayor of Kiev, which apparently will now be an honorary position.

The split of the single position’s authority in two is a quirky move, which became possible after a legislative amendment issued by the national Parliament in September.

Chernovetsky became mayor of Kiev in 2006, unexpectedly beating the campaign favorites, and was re-elected during the snap election of 2008. Opponents accused him of corruption, and he was briefly suspended in 2008, although no charges were pressed against him.

The now-former mayor has a reputation as an eccentric, having been the focus of numerous scandals over the years. He has a long-standing conflict with former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko, which escalated into a fistfight on one occasion.


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