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Why Adopt From Ukraine

A Ukrainian Child

1. Ukraine was the seventh-largest country for overseas adoptions to the U.S. in 2006. Economic factors lead to most relinquishments of children. 

2. Married couples and singles (prior divorce is acceptable) are eligible to adopt from Ukraine. By Ukrainian Law, there are no restrictions on the number of children already living in the home.

3. Prospective adoptive parents have to be at least 18 years old. There must be at least 15 years difference between the age of the adoptive parent and the prospective adopted child. Adoption Plus feels that it is reasonable for the difference between the adoptive child and the adoptive parents to be no more than 45 years. Meanwhile there is no specific maximum age criterion in Ukraine's adoption law.

4. Formally, children are put on the registry at around 14-16 months. Younger children with medical conditions may by also be available. According to Ukrainian Law, prospective parents have the right to have medical evaluations that can be conducted by a private doctor. 

5. All of the children reside in Orphanages. Both boys and girls are available, as well as occasionally sibling groups. If parents are open to the adoption of siblings, they should have all their paperwork approved for 2 children. If siblings happen to be available when they are in Ukraine, then they can adopt siblings. There will not be any advance notice of the availability of siblings. Currently, Ukraine does not permit the adoption of 2 unrelated children, unless parents submit two dossiers and make an additional trip or two to Ukraine for the second child. 

6. In Ukraine, the only officials permitted by law to show referrals or give any information on children is the State Department for Adoption and Protection of Children's Rights (SDAPCR), under the Ministry of Family, Youth, and Sports.

7. You will be able to personally choose your child(ren) in Ukraine. This is done on the same trip you adopt. This means that you can personally meet and bond with the child before making the final decision to adopt. When you go to the SDAPCR you describe the kind of child you would like and they will show you the matches to your wishes and which are close to them. This process can be done a few times until your decision is made.

8. There is no waiting list at the Adoption Center, when you are cleared (10 days after receiving your translated dossier) you can go!!!! And your child(ren) will be waiting for you.



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