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  Kiev Airport Customs

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Arrivals Customs Procedures


You are allowed to bring in up to $10,000.00 USD without any special documentation. Should the funds you bring in exceed this amount then you will be required to complete a special form requesting information on the purpose of your bringing in such a large amount and to whom the money will be transferred. 

It is strongly suggested that you be completely truthful when declaring the amount of money you are bringing into the country. This also pertains to items of value.  On your departure from Ukraine you will be required to complete an exit declaration form.  All items of value should be the same as upon arrival except for the cash.  You should not leave the country with more cash than what you entered with.  Should you lose your entry declaration form the customs officer has the authority to confiscate all your items of value including your cash.

The Red corridor, upon entering customs into Ukraine is for people carrying goods or cash that must be declared: prohibited items (explosives and weapons), drugs, artwork and antiques, luggage sent separately or more than $1,000.00 USD and 1,000 Hryvnias in cash.

The Green corridor is for people who are arriving with no more than 1,000 Hryvnias and $1,000 USD. Also it is for people who have nothing to declare.

Boryspil International Airport

All international flights to Kiev arrive at Boryspil International Airport, located 34 km (21 mi) from the city center.  The most convenient way to get to downtown Kiev is by taxi.  Taking into account that taxi drivers do not usually speak English, you should have your destination written down in Ukrainian.  The average one-way fare is 70-100 Hryvnias ($13.00-$19.00 US).  As at most international airports, fare gouging is common so make sure to settle on a price, before you get in the taxi.

There are also shuttle buses connecting Boryspil Airport and downtown Kiev.  Travel time is one hour and the price is 10 Hryvnias ($1.85 US).  The schedule is shown below in European time (i.e. 12:00 = Noon, 24:00 = Midnight).

Shuttle Bus (Boryspil to Kiev)
04:00 07:20 10:00 13:10 15:25 18:30 23:15
04:45 07:50 10:30 13:30 15:50 19:20 00:40
05:15 08:20 11:10 13:55 16:20 20:20
05:45 08:50 11:40 14:30 17:10 21:20
06:45 09:20 12:10 15:00 17:50 22:15


Boryspil Airport Online Arrivals/Departures Information


Arrivals - www.airport-borispol.kiev.ua/timetable/arrival_full.html


Departures - www.airport-borispol.kiev.ua/timetable/departure_full.html


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