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  American Chamber of Commerce

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AmCham Ukraine


The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine began operations during a meeting of the American Business Community called by the Ambassador of the United States of America, Roman Popadiuk, in June of 1992. In this meeting it was agreed that there was a need for a private non-governmental organization under which companies could meet together to achieve their common goals in Ukraine. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is affiliated with the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC, as well as the European Association of the American Chambers of Commerce. AmCham is not part of the United States Embassy or State Department.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine serves two main purposes: First, to support Member Companies operating in Ukraine. Second, to promote the entrance of new foreign investors into Ukraine.

The Member companies of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine represent a majority of the foreign direct investment in Ukraine and provide Ukrainian citizens with more than 300,000 jobs not only in Kyiv but also throughout Ukraine. The Members of American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine also contribute a large share of tax revenues to the budget each year. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine also promotes the entrance into the market of new foreign investors who consult with the American Chamber of Commerce to gather information and make contacts necessary to fulfill their strategic business plans. The American Chamber of Commerce acts as a bridge and is always the first contact for companies interested in the Ukrainian market.

Some examples of Ukrainian Member companies include: Kvazar Micro, Bank Aval, Ostra-Kyiv and Zinteco. American Member companies include: Cargill, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, General Electric, General Motors and Microsoft. European Member companies include: Credit Lyonnais Bank Ukraine, Scania, Tebodin, Siemens and Metro Cash & Carry. Asian Member companies include: Marubeni, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi and Samsung. These are only a few names of the diverse Membership base that the American Chamber of Commerce represents in Ukraine and in their respective countries. The American Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of small, medium and large internationally oriented investors helping to ensure their success. A complete updated Membership list is available on this web site.

Due to the open nature of its Membership, the American Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of the entire internationally oriented investment community operating in Ukraine.


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