Fine Museums of Kiev


With over 60 museums to choose from, one is sure to select something to his or her taste. We offer you a list of the most popular Kiev museums, which are not to be missed.



Apotheka7 Pritisko-Nikolskaya St, 416-2437
Ancient Kiev5 Andreyevsky Spusk416-3770
Beekeeping 4 Zhelinskoho St.417-1717
Books and Printing of Ukraine 21 Janvarskoho Vosstaniya St., 290-2210
Chernobyl1 Khorevoy St.416-4329
Children's Art 17 Shelkovichnaya St, 295-7587
Historical Treasures of Ukraine 21 Janvarskoho Vostaniya St., 290-1387
Ivan Hontchar 29 Janvarskoho Vostaniya St.295-2419
Ivan Kavaleridze21 Andreyevsky Spusk416-0389
Khanenko Art 15 Tereshenkovska St.225-0225
Kiev Fortress 24A Hospitalnaya St, 225-0146
Lesya Ukrainka97 Saksahanskoho St.220-5752
Literature 11 B. Khmelnytskoho St.225-1370
Literature and Arts22A Vladymirska St.227-2538
National Art  6 Hrushevshoho St.228-6429
National Architecture Pyrehova266-5542
Nature 15 B. Khmelnytskoho St.225-5296
One Street 20A Andreyevsky Spusk416-0398
Pavlo Tychyna 5/1 Tereshenkovska St, 224-4327
Pedagogical57 Vladymirska St.224-1009
Russian Art9 Tereshenkovska St. 224-6107
Taras Shevchenko 12 Taras Shevchenko Blvd.224-2523
Theater, Music and Cinema 21 Janvarskoho Vosstaniya St., 290-5131
Ukrainian Army30/1 Hrushevskoho St.293-8072
Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art 21 Janvarskoho Vosstaniya St., 290-1343
Ukrainian History2 Vladymirska St.228-6545
Ukrainian Medicine 37 B. Khmelnytskoho St.223-1574
Ukrainian Sports Fame 2 Espladna St.220-1309
Wax Figures 11 B. Khmelnystkoho St. 235-1315
World War II History33 Janvarskoho Vostaniya St. 295-9457




Bionic Hill: Ukraine's 'Silicon Valley'
KIEV, Ukraine -- Bionic Hill Innovation Park is a hi-tech park being developed as a ‘live, work, learn, and play’ community.

Kiev, Ukraine - Your Ultimate Travel Destination
Have you been recently thinking about going overseas and discovering the beauty of European cities? Have you been debating with yourself whether to go to Venice, Paris, London or maybe... to Kiev, Ukraine?



Kiev (Kyiv) is one of the more beautiful cities in Europe. Founded 1500 years ago, Kiev is the bustling capital of newly independent Ukraine.

This city, with a population of 3 million people, is distinguished for its rich architecture and cultural life. 

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