Some of Kiev's Fine Restaurants



Prices:  $ - Inexpensive $$ - Moderate $$$ - Expensive


  Name: Arizona

  Cuisine: American

  Address: 25 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska St.

  Telephone: 416-2438

  Hours:  8AM to Last Customer

  Prices: $$


  Name: Asakhi

  Cuisine: Japanese

  Address: 1 Saksahanskoho Street

  Telephone: 244-2237

  Hours:  11AM to Midnight

  Prices: $$$


  Name: Concord

  Cuisine: European

  Address: 42/4 Pushkinska Street

  Telephone: 229-5512

  Hours:  Noon to Midnight

  Prices: $$$


  Name: Decadence

  Cuisine: Fusion

  Address: 16 Shota Rustaveli Street

  Telephone: 206-4920

  Hours:  12AM to 01:00 (05:00 Fr/Sa)

  Prices: $$$


  Name: Da Vinci Fish Club

  Cuisine: Italian

  Address: 12 Volodymyrska Street

  Telephone: 490-3434

  Hours:  11AM to Midnight

  Prices: $$$


  Name: Dixieland

  Cuisine: European/French

  Address: 14/2 Kyrylo-Mefodiyivska Street

  Telephone: 236-8228

  Hours:  Noon to Last Customer

  Prices: $$

  Name: Golden Gate Irish Pub

  Cuisine: English/Irish

  Address: 40/2 Volodymyrska Street

  Telephone: 235-5188

  Hours:  11AM to Last Customer

  Prices: $$


  Name: John Bull Pub

  Cuisine: English/European

  Address: 36A Saksahanskoho Street

  Telephone: 289-1369

  Hours:  Noon to 23:00

  Prices: $$$

  Name: Kyoto

  Cuisine: Japanese

  Address: 2 R. Okypnoyi Street

  Telephone: 552-5091

  Hours:  Noon to Last Customer

  Prices: $$$

  Name: L'amour

  Cuisine: French

  Address: 17 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska St.

  Telephone: 451-5080

  Hours:  11AM to Midnight

  Prices: $$$

  Name: Le Grand Cafe

  Cuisine: European

  Address: 4 Muzeyny Perevulok

  Telephone: 228-7208

  Hours:  11:30AM to 11:00PM

  Prices: $$$

  Name: Mimino

  Cuisine: Georgian

  Address: 10A Spaska Street

  Telephone: 417-3545

  Hours:  11AM to 2:00AM

  Prices: $$

  Name: O'Brien's Irish Pub

  Cuisine: European/American

  Address: 17-a Mykhailivska Street

  Telephone: 229-1584

  Hours:  8AM to 2AM

  Prices: $$

  Name: O'Panas (Formerly Taras)

  Cuisine: Ukrainian

  Address: Shevchenko Park

  Telephone: 235-2132

  Hours:  10AM to Midnight

  Prices: $

  Name: Primavera

  Cuisine: Pizzeria

  Address: 6 Melnykova Street

  Telephone: 239-9729

  Hours:  10AM to Last Customer

  Prices: $$

  Name: Sam's Steak House

  Cuisine: American Steak House

  Address: 37 Zhylyanska Street

  Telephone: 227-2000

  Hours:  11AM to Midnight

  Prices: $$

  Name: Swing

  Cuisine: French

  Address: 6/11 Velyka Zhytomyrska Street

  Telephone: 229-2865

  Hours:  10AM to Last Customer

  Prices: $$$

  Name: Tequila House

  Cuisine: Mexican

  Address: 8a Spaska Street (Podol)

  Telephone: 417-0358

  Hours:  11AM to Midnight

  Prices: $$

  Name: T.G.I. Friday's

  Cuisine: American

  Address: 5a Bessarabska Square

  Telephone: 235-4264

  Hours:  12AM to Midnight

  Prices: $$



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This city, with a population of 3 million people, is distinguished for its rich architecture and cultural life. 

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