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Puzata Hata

The Puzata Hata brand was founded in 2003. Today Puzata Hata is the largest chain of colorful Ukrainian cuisine restaurants found in Kyiv and in Ukraine’s other major cities. 

Puzata Hata’s brand concept is very smart and original: cozy locations with unique interior designs, impressive diversified national cuisine, and reasonable prices for people who value quality.

According to statistics, over 50% of Puzata Hata diners are regular customers. It could be argued that Puzata Hata has become one of the top culinary calling cards of Kyiv as well as Ukraine.

The proof is in the overwhelming positive feedback from foreign customers amazed by the well-thought-out design and the quality of the food.

Puzata Hata Delivery Service

Other Fast Food Outlets Locations


Blin Clinton4 Shota Rustavelli St.234-0692
Dienli11/61 Lva Tolstoho St.234-9083
Domashnya Kukhnya16-22 b. Khmelnytskoho St.234-2918
Dva Gusya42 Khreschatyk St.229-7683
Kytayska Kukhnya4 Hrushevskoho St.464-0491
Maksmak2 Bessarabska St.234-8484
Lola3 Horkoho St.234-3466
Maksmak2 Bessarabska St.234-8484
McDonald's19A Khreschatyk St.230-2737
Mr. Snack4 Horodetskoho St.228-2987
Non Stop6 Peremohy Prosp.216-4073
Potato House6/5 Mala Zhytomyrska St.229-2153
Puzata Hata1/2 Baseyna St.246-7245
Rostyk'sGlobus Shopping Center238-5922
Shelter15 Khreschatyk St.228-5577
Sushi Express26A Artema St.216-1258
Trali Vali65 Chervonoarmiyska St.238-6496
Yakitoria27 Lesi Ukrainky Blvd.296-3389


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This city, with a population of 3 million people, is distinguished for its rich architecture and cultural life. 

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