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Gourmet 1You have found the best place on the web for information about the restaurant scene in Ukraine.

Looking for a restaurant to spend an evening and enjoy delicious food and excellent service? A place to share a meal with colleagues, friends or family?

The Gourmet Club website has all the information you need, just a few clicks away. What is it all about, you may be asking?

The Gourmet Club is a network of the best restaurants in Kyiv and the list of participants in the program is rapidly expanding throughout Ukraine. The ultimate goal of the Gourmet Club is to highlight and raise awareness of the most luxurious, delicious and welcoming restaurants throughout Ukraine by providing a comprehensive website that puts this information at your fingertips.   

As an added bonus, employees of companies who are members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine enjoy special events and exclusive discounts (10% for Silver Card holders and 15% for COI card holders) within the Gourmet Club network of restaurants.

Do you have to be a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine to benefit from the Gourmet Club? The answer is NO! The Gourmet Club benefits and services are available to everyone – only the above mentioned discounts on food and beverages are reserved for American Chamber of Commerce Discount Card holders only.

Gourmet 2The restaurants who participate in the Gourmet Club provide all guests with excellent service and delicious meals. You can count on the fact that your visit to any Gourmet Club Restaurant will leave you with pleasant memories and a desire to return again and again.

The Gourmet Club sticker on the front door is a sign that the restaurant is part of the Gourmet Club and will provide all guests with excellent quality food, beverage, service and ambiance.

The Gourmet Club continually seeks out new restaurants, which have the qualities to be accepted into the Gourmet Club, to add to the growing list of Gourmet Club Restaurants and keeps an eye on the new fine dining restaurants popping up around Ukraine.

Save the Gourmet Club website as one of your favorites on your web browser and sign up for the Gourmet Club Newsletter to stay up to date on new, exciting and exclusive events and special offers taking place in the Gourmet Club restaurants, cafes, pubs and night clubs.

Not sure how you will spend the evening? The Gourmet Club is prepared to suggest the most interesting venues and most tempting options. You will not want to miss it!



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