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Kiev Bar Scene



Bars in this capital city are plentiful. Most of the popular ones are frequented by foreigners, so chances are you will meet someone from your own country to socialize with.

44 Art Club44B Khreschatyk St.229-4137
Acapulco112A Saksahanskoho St.235-4097
Atlanta56 Chernonoarmiyska St.227-1073
Baskerville33 Peremohy Prosp.243-4802
Belinsky30A Artema St.216-2984
Bily Skorpion19 Baseyna St.246-4125
Boom-Com4 Kostyolna St.228-0490
Butleger4 Antonova St.245-7664
Carambol10/1 Horodetskoho St.228-2970
Caribbean Club4 Kominternu St.244-4290
Chateau24 Khreschatyk St.229-3704
Chester5A Baseyna St.235-2426
Columbus15 Prorizna St.229-5188
Disco 0.5Metrograd Shopping Complex247-5511
Doors13 Reyterska St.229-5168
Drum4 Prorizna St.229-2355
Eldorado34 Lesy Ukrainsky Blvd.296-9497
Eric's Bierstube20A Chervonoarmiyska St.235-9472
Fellini5 Horodetskoho St.229-5462
Galleon55 Turhenevska St.246-8707
Garage12 Shota Rustaveli St.227-0204
Golden Gate Pub40/2 Volodymyrska St.235-5188
Helios49/51 Zhylyanska St.220-1609
Illusion42 Saksahanskoho St.246-6276
Indigo34/2 Esplanadna St.220-6216
John Bull Pub36A Saksahanskoho St.220-1369
Korchma14 Chervonoarmiyska St.235-9469
Korona Club4 Rohnidynska St.220-0216
Krym17 Moskovska St.290-2755
Le Grand Cafe4 Muzeyny Prov.228-7208
Maestro52A Artema St.211-9413
Marquise de Chocolate4 Proryzna St.228-6590
Mars6A Horodetskoho St.229-3180
Massandra19/21 Naberezhno-Kreschatytska St.416-0440
Miami Blues114 Chervonoarmiyska St.239-1133
ModabarNaberezhno-Kreschatytska St., Pier #6416-7388
Mojo15 Kreschatyk St.228-1717
Munich1/2 Kreschatyk St.229-4429
Myly Avgustyn18 Chervonoarmiyska St.234-9129
Nice4 Pyrohova St.235-3313
Nobu12 Shota Rustaveli St.246-7734
Non-Stop6 Peremohy Prosp.216-4073
O'Briens Irish Pub17A Mykhaylivska St.229-1584
Opera51/53 Volodymyrska St.228-2836
Panorama1/2 Kreschatyk St.254-6792
Pilsner Bar20 Pushkinska St.234-3111
Planeta Sport3 B. Khmelnytskoho St.229-7929
Richelieu23 Chervonoarmiyska St.235-8862
Sport103 Artema St.244-5837
Sport-Time32A Chervonoarmiyska St.220-8890
Sprut11 Artema St.212-1079
Sunduk16 Mykhaylivska St.229-1465
Swing11 Volodymyrska St.229-2865
The Wall2 Bessarabska Pl.235-8045
Timeout50 Horkoho St.248-7396
Tirol10 Prorizna St.228-0262
Viola's Bierstube1A Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd.235-3751
Zoloti Vorota8 Lvivska Pl.212-5133


Bionic Hill: Ukraine's 'Silicon Valley'
KIEV, Ukraine -- Bionic Hill Innovation Park is a hi-tech park being developed as a ‘live, work, learn, and play’ community.

Kiev, Ukraine - Your Ultimate Travel Destination
Have you been recently thinking about going overseas and discovering the beauty of European cities? Have you been debating with yourself whether to go to Venice, Paris, London or maybe... to Kiev, Ukraine?



Kiev (Kyiv) is one of the more beautiful cities in Europe. Founded 1500 years ago, Kiev is the bustling capital of newly independent Ukraine.

This city, with a population of 3 million people, is distinguished for its rich architecture and cultural life. 

A visitor to Kiev cannot help but to notice its women. The ladies of Kiev, at AnastasiaDate, are some of the most beautiful, friendly, sexy women on the planet. Click on one of the above banners.  Click here to See Kiev City Slide Presentation 

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