Smile and the World Smiles with You!

Most new comers to Kiev comment that the locals often look like they carry the worries of the world on their shoulders – frowns and stern faces are the most common expressions. Locals in turn say that foreigners look like idiots walking around smiling all the time. In an attempt to change these stereotypes a group of young Ukrainians gathered on the streets of Kiev this weekend to encourage people to smile.

Brandishing banners with slogans reading “Smile! Life is Great!”, the young men and women (all wearing broad grins themselves) did their best to prove that a smile goes a long way. Carrying their banners and smiling from ear-to-ear, this fun-loving crew stopped shoppers as they passed by asking nothing more from them than a smile, and it worked. By the end of the day nearly everyone on Kreshchatyk was smiling.  And we encourage you to do the same. It may be easier to spread a bad mood than a good one, but it feels so much better to spread the latter!

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Bionic Hill: Ukraine's 'Silicon Valley'
KIEV, Ukraine -- Bionic Hill Innovation Park is a hi-tech park being developed as a ‘live, work, learn, and play’ community.

Kiev, Ukraine - Your Ultimate Travel Destination
Have you been recently thinking about going overseas and discovering the beauty of European cities? Have you been debating with yourself whether to go to Venice, Paris, London or maybe... to Kiev, Ukraine?



Kiev (Kyiv) is one of the more beautiful cities in Europe. Founded 1500 years ago, Kiev is the bustling capital of newly independent Ukraine.

This city, with a population of 3 million people, is distinguished for its rich architecture and cultural life. 

A visitor to Kiev cannot help but to notice its women. The ladies of Kiev, at AnastasiaDate, are some of the most beautiful, friendly, sexy women on the planet. Click on one of the above banners.  Click here to See Kiev City Slide Presentation 

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